284758_885967611657_5626849_nLa vie franglophone started in 2009, when I moved to Paris to study French culture and to research le discours gastronomique (that is, the how/when/why/where… of talking -and especially writing- about food in France).  In general, I’m interested in “tangible manifestations of culture” – language, art, music, festivals, food…

I left Paris for New York in August 2010, only to (happily!) discover that NYC is teeming with les Français. After a year of working in the field of French culture, I decided to pursue my passion for food writing, and have been working in the world of culinary culture ever since. To see what I’ve been up to since, visit

If you’d like to ask for restaurant or other recommendations or simply drop me a note, feel free at:

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6 responses to “AUTEUR

  1. Anna

    Great site. If you send posting updates please add me to your list.

  2. Anna, if you would like to receive my blog in your email box, please use the new “lvf by email” in the homepage sidebar. thanks for reading!

  3. cosmopolitangurl

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I especially like how you incorprate french language into the piece, it flows fantastically. I am also passionate about writing and have just started my own blog, a total newbie. I’d really appreciate if you could read my articles and give your professional opinion.

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  5. Roderick van der Have

    Dear Carly, I always wanted to go for Paris, not only as a tourist, but perhaps permanently or seasonable, while working as a medical doctor at the ER of some hospital, maybe the American Hospital Paris. Would be great. How to get this dream to come true ? Regards.

    • Roderick,

      Wish I had some connections at the American Hospital, to help you out! I think that might be a good place to start though, I’m sure they take med school students and/or doctors on periodically. Fusac is a great anglo-info source in Paris for connections as well. And – in my experience, networking is the #1 way to land yourself in a good spot with the French – they take word-of-mouth and reputation seriously! good luck!

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